Vivian Ferne Top Picks: Bar Cart Design

In love with charming, elegant bar carts? We are too! Here are Vivian Ferne’s top picks on how to style a bar cart for your home or next cocktail togethering.

1. Palm Beach Gold Glam Patio Bar Cart Trolley

gold bar cart on patio

photo credit: South Moon Photography

The best way to have a cocktail is on a stunning patio in Florida. The fresh fruit in a clear glass bowl paired with the gold drink stirrers is the perfect touch for a late morning brunch. 

2. Outside the Kitchen Decor Spirit Cart


Home bar cart decor styling

photo credit: Monica Wants It

Effortlessly create a stylish statement in a home by utilizing a typical bar cart. The chinoiserie pottery is an elegant touch to upgrade any bar cart. The gold candle holders and pineapple allow the cocktail cart to be serving interior decor.

3. Trendy Office Refreshment Cart

Office Bar Cart

photo credit: Carla Choy

Celebrating business milestones no matter how big or small is essential for all industries. The traditional brass gold bar cart is styled perfectly with the gold and marble accents. The white marble coasters, decanter, and mirror tray complete this office.

4. Fresh and Pink Beverage Cart

pink rose beverage cart

photo credit: Jenna Colgrove

The fresh flowers exquisitely paired with the rosé bottles of champagne. The brass gold utilities and ice bucket let the classy bar cart be fully functional and ready to mix drinks for your unexpected guests.


5. Wine Cart 

wine cart styling guide

photo credit:

Bar cart does not have a bottle holder? No problem, simply put a wine rack on the bottom. The white marble tray is always good on hand for serving or decor. Recreate this look using real house plants and a gold planter.


6. Ghost Bar Cart for the win!

Party Ghost Cart

photo credit:  Lauren Kolyn

This bar cart is designed for victory parties. When not in use, tucking the serving cart in a small nook is perfect for all home or apartment living. Use the beverage cart to full potential by taking the cart to another room or block off part of your home for parties. By the looks of it, this girl knows how to party with her mule mugs, wine glasses, and old fashion glassware.

7. Rosé All The Way 

girls bachelorette champagne station

photo credit: Blondie in the city

Rosé is always a crowd-pleaser. The spacious silver bar cart is stylized perfectly for hosting a bachelorette party or girls night end; simple and beverages straight up. The marble wine cooler with decorative champagne glasses is practical and fun.


8. Morden Black and Gold Champagne Statio

Holiday party beverage station

photo credit: Honeybee by Andee Layne
If champaign does not catch your eye then the height with the black candles, gold candlesticks holders, and blush flowers let your bar cart stand out. Having a signature drink allows bar carts to be easy to decorate with bowls of blackberry and rosemary with serving tongs


9. Vivian Ferne Cocktail Lounge

tropical cocktail lounge Vivian Ferne

Here is our tropical cocktail lounge crated with favorite accessories. Nothing beats an oyster bowl filled with coconuts and limes. The white coral and fresh pineapple take the bar cart into an enticing coastal vibe.
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