CLEARANCE "Sedona" Oversized Wall Mural 8' Tall x 15' Wide Prepasted

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8' tall x 15' wide prepasted

Dreamy layers of gold, blush and gray elements will elevate any wall to a beautiful centerpiece of a room.  Create real gold tones with the complimentary kit to transfer gold leaf onto the abstract, digital printed design. The "Sedona" mural is an authentic Blueberry Glitter painting converted into a large scale wall mural.

This mural comes with a gold leaf kit to add real gold leaf in areas that you really want to see shine!!

Each mural comes in multiple sections that are approximately 24" wide. 

Installation Tip: For a professional, flawless install on our peel and stick wallpaper decals, we use a "Handy Scraper."  The size and angle fit perfectly in your hand while the rubber is used as a squeegee to push out any air bubbles for a sleek finish. 

Pre-pasted: The pre-pasted wallpaper application is a common wall covering with glue paste on the back that activates when wet. Click Here to see How to Install Vivian Ferne Traditional Wallpaper



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