Custom for Dannie "Rum Punch" Wall Mural 170” L x 135” H


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**SIZE 170” L x 135” H**

Cool aquas, rich teals, and a healthy amount of chartreuse will transport you to a tropical vacation oasis! Softer shades of lilac, mint, and sky blue are the perfect accents to our bright and intoxicating "Rum Punch" print. 

Peel & Stick: The adhesive application allows for easy removal with no damage to the wall. Click here to see the easy installation guide.

Installation Tip: The "Handy Scraper" tool is ideal when installing peel and stick wallpaper murals. The straight edge allows the wall mural decal to fit evenly into corners, windows, and modeling. The flexible rubber squeegee will gently push out trapped bubbles and have a smooth finish.

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