Custom Gold Oyster Wall Mural 10' 9" x 10' 9" peel & stick


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10' 9" x 10' 9" peel & stick

Our "Gold Oyster" mural features nautical tones of midnight blue, grey, eggplant along with a pop of champagne and gold.  This palette looks wonderful with whites, black, gray and is available in removable and traditional wallpaper! 

Every Vivian Ferne Wall mural comes with a gold leafing kit to add embellishments to your wall for an authentic gold finish. 


Peel & Stick: The adhesive application allows for easy removal with no damage to the wall. Click here to see the easy installation guide.

Installation Tip: The "Handy Scraper" will make your DIY accent wall into a professional installation. The grey, flexible rubber squeegee and contoured shape allow for natural movement for an effortlessly smooth finish. 

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