Custom Lavender Wall Mural two walls: 166 1/4 Wide x 53.5 Tall & 168 1/2 Wide x 53.5 Tall


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Custom Lavender Wall Mural two walls: 166 1/4 Wide  x 53.5 Tall &  168 1/2  Wide x 53.5 Tall Prepasted

The "Lavender" mural is fully balanced with shades of purple lavenders, orchid petals and deep plum. Contrasting silver and greys carry the color pallet into an abstract, dynamic design. Create an authentic silver accent onto Vivian Ferne wall mural with the complimentary silver kit.

 Peel & Stick: The adhesive application allows for easy removal with no damage to the wall. Click here to see the easy installation guide.

Prepasted: The prepasted wallpaper application is a common wall covering with glue paste on the back that activates when wet.

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