Custom Order for "Purple Urchin" & "Marina" (with silver leaf) as per customer specs

Room 1–Girls Sewing Room
Design: Purple Urchin
Dimensions (inches)
106 x86 = 8 feet 10 inches tall x 7 feet 2 inches wide  $414
106x 145 = 8 feet 10 inches tall x 12 feet 1 inch wide $620
106x76 = 8 feet 10 inches tall x 6 feet 4 inches $360
106x 110 = 8 feet 10 inches tall x 9 feet 2 inches wide $465

Room 2–Therapy Room
Design: Marina with silver
Dimensions (inches)
117x115–left side.= 9 feet 9 inches tall x 9 feet 7 inches wide $575
117x 115–right side = 9 feet 9 inches tall x 9 feet 7 inches wide $575



The "Purple Urchin" mural is a blast of purple hues, varying from plum to lilac. Gold and gray add complexity and luxury to this inky fluid design.  Each Purple Urchin wall mural comes with a complimentary gold leafing kit.

The Marina Grande Wall Mural is composed using a blend of vibrant blues and gold for a completely coastal vibe.

Mural comes in multiple sections that are approximately 24" wide 

Peel & Stick: The adhesive backed wallpaper application is great for diy-ers. Click here to see the easy installation guide.

Installation Tip: The "Handy Scraper" will make your DIY accent wall into a professional installation. The grey, flexible rubber squeegee and contoured shape allow for natural movement for an effortlessly smooth finish.

Prepasted: The prepasted wallpaper application is a common wall covering with glue paste on the back that activates when wet. Click Here to see How to Install Vivian Ferne Traditional Wallpaper

Vivian Ferne products are handmade and made to order. The luxury purple wall mural estimated to ship within 10 business days. Please note that all custom orders take an extended time to design and process.

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