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How to Install Prepasted Vivian Ferne Wallpaper

How to Install Prepasted Vivian Ferne Wallpaper

The Essentials

Step Stool

Damp Sponge

Broad Smoothing Brush

Utility Knife Paint Roller

A Friend

Metal Straight Edge


Let’s Get Started

1. Wipe the wall with a microfiber cloth.

2. Lay out each panel starting from left to right. Flip the first panel with the print side face down.

3. Soak the paint roller with water and lather the panel on the back to activate the glue.

4. Gently fold each end of the panel towards the middle with the adhesive parts facing each other. Wait 1 minute to allow the adhesive to properly activate.

5. Unfold the panel and hang the top half of the panel by carefully smoothing out bubbles and creases using a damp sponge or board smoothing brush moving downward and out.

6. To line up the next panel, match the light grey dashes on the second panels allowing for a slight overlay.

Repeat application.

7. Wait 30-60 minutes to trip off any extra paper using a straight edge and utility knife

Let Her Shine

Wait 24 hours to apply the gold leaf.

Use the sponge brush to apply a thin layer of glue, onto the mural. Allow the glue to sit for 15-60 minutes. Press a sheet of gold leaf to the tacky glue.

Cheers to your Vivian Ferne mural. Thank you for your support!



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