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How to Transform An Entire Room - No Drill or Paint Required

How to Transform An Entire Room - No Drill or Paint Required

Vivian Ferne Framed wallpaper, black and white wallpaper, gold and black bedroom


Not living in a permanent residence should not equate to a sacrifice in luxurious interior design.  We achieved an upscale end result in an apartment bedroom without painting or drilling into the walls. The process was so simple that even the non-DIYer could approach the same steps with confidence. 

Command strips on gold framed canvas print, vivian ferne wallpaper installation

By adhering our peel & stick murals to a cheap full length mirrors we created a trendy framed wallpaper look. We then hung each piece with four command strips directly to the wall. Not only does this allow for easy installation and removal it makes it possible for the transfer of wallpaper during a move or change of mind. 

Interested in replicating our look? Here's how:

What you need:

Vivian Ferne wall mural

Sharp utility knife 

Cheap full length mirrors 

Command strips


Step 1:


Apply the peel & stick mural directly to the center of each mirror


Step 2:


Trim any excess paper with a sharp utility knife


Step 3:

Place command strips (according to directions on package) the each corner of mirror on the back side


Step 4: 

Measure and place mirrors on wall


Step 5:

Enjoy a hardware-free, glue-free, wallpaper transformation that can easily be 'undone' at any time!




We love using the Large Picture Hanging Command Strips that click together and hold up to 16 lbs. Apply these 3M foam stips on all four corners on the back of the full-length mirror and hang them on your wall to create a piece of luxury art in your home.


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