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Best Interior Design Looks for Fall 2022

Best Interior Design Looks for Fall 2022

With the fall season firmly upon us, everything from our morning beverages to our home decor is ready for a shakeup. Whether you are ready to change every room in the house or just add some life to an accent wall Vivian Ferne’s hand designed wallpaper murals deliver a truly unique decor option. For the fall season, the Vivian Ferne wallpaper hanging, “Speakeasy” is among the best looks!


One of our favorite fall interior design decorative wallpaper murals is the “Speakeasy”. With an array of blues, grays, greens and misty blushes, this wallpaper brings out all the moody tones of the fall season.


Vivian Fernes’ Halloween staging of this mural includes a long dining table, black candles, dry ice cauldron and other spooking trinkets. These are made all the more “spooky” by the dark tones of the wallpaper mural and the accents of gold. Each interior design element brings the others to life with this stunning backdrop.


Vivian Ferne luxury wallpaper design best fall looks of 2022. Speakeasy wallpaper is a beautiful interior design backdrop for all of your fall / Halloween decor ideas this year.


See our Full List of Best Halloween Buys Below:


  1. Vivian Ferne “Speakeasy Wallpaper Mural”
  2. Skull Candle
  3. Gold Table Tray
  4. Pinot Noir Wine Glasses
  5. Eyeballs
  6. Glass Dome
  7. Black Candles
  8. Ceramic Cauldron
  9. Black Table Cloth
  10. Candle Holders

Just as soon as this wallpaper showstopper catches the attention of any Halloween enthusiast, it can be dressed up for Thanksgiving decorative occasions as well.

This wallpaper design sits beautifully behind any Thanksgiving table, buffet or bar. The palette of the abstract “Speakeasy” wallpaper mural allows for nearly any plateware, dining table or accent piece to shine. When approaching your interior design concept it's best to consider how all the pieces will work together to create a full decorative mood and environment. 


See Our Full List of Best Thanksgiving Buys Below:


  1. Gold Chairs
  2. Table Cloth
  3. Silverware
  4. Plates
  5. Wood Charges
  6. Gold Pumpkins


Let Vivian Ferne’s wallpaper designs fill your space with dazzling colors. From one fall gathering to the next, a Vivian Ferne original abstract wallpaper design is the perfect “missing piece” your decorations and efforts need.

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