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Best Unique Wallpaper Hangings: Vivian Ferne - "Edges"

Best Unique Wallpaper Hangings: Vivian Ferne - "Edges"

If your home is ready for a fall statement piece or a more permanent installation that is undeniably moody - Vivian Ferne presents one of the most unique wallpaper designs around with, Edges. Black, white, gray and gold are brought together to provide a completely unique interior design installation.



This DIY wallpaper is full of bold shapes, dark and light contrasts and can be tastefully dressed with gold leafing. Although a very dramatic look, the Edges wallpaper mural is a versatile interior design option with the ability to add a stunning burst of grays, black and whites to a lighter setting or complete the mood of a darker more contemporary space.

See our Full List of “Must Haves” for staging wallpaper mural:

  1. Gold Mirror / Gold Mirror (option 2)

  2. Necklace Display

  3. Gold Table Tray

  4. Makeup Brush Holder

  5. Vanity Tray

  6. Bench

  7. Heels (Leopard, Silver, Nude Gold,)

 Luxury Black White Grey Gold Wallpaper / Photoshoot / Transform Your Interior Design Look With Vivian Ferne.

No matter your style for home decor, to consider the Edges wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne is to consider a phenomenal piece of handcrafted abstract artwork that has been uniquely designed to scale up as a wall covering. Whether as a piece for an accent wall or a main character in your interior design palette, Edges will be a showstopper. 

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