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Art course with me! A Three Hour Joyride to Create a Custom Abstract Painting



Make art with me (Fran Katz) the owner of Vivian Ferne wallpaper &  Blueberry Glitter Interiors. 

*If this art course is purchased we will send an exclusive password to stream the course whenever, and as many times as you would like.  

This is a great course to stream with friends and if you do have questions about this previously recorded art course you can send an email to about any questions that come up during your viewing experience.


To make an absolutely beautiful art piece the following items are strongly recommended.

When choosing the colors for your piece please look at the following picture and know that you will need to plan:

A background color: A medium to light color that will cover the entire canvas - for this I usually use artist loft white to mix with a darker acrylic paint color

Three alcohol ink colors: This will go directly on top of your background color and is transparent

Two or three “focal” colors: More saturated acrylic paint colors that can be purchased or mixed from multiple colors

Silver leaf, Gold leaf or both: These are a huge feature for this style of abstract painting, get two or three packs of either silver leaf or gold leaf.

Attached is a breakdown of the composition so you can plan your purchases accordingly:

Supply List

  1. Canvas

A size of your choosing. If you are going to add epoxy resin to the piece I prefer these Level 2 Canvas or Level 3 Canvas

2. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer - (

  1. Alcohol Inks

Pick 2 to 5 colors. I prefer the brands Piñata or Tim Holtz Ranger Ink( or

  1. Acrylic Paint

You will need white paint to mix into a color for the background as well as multiple "focal colors". I prefer the folk art brand.

These are available at Walmart and Michaels stores or you can purchase on amazon (

5. Sponge Brushes and a palette knife

I typically get mine at Michaels, they have a good mixture of wide and narrow sponges ( or

6. Gold Leaf Adhesive

This is available at Dick Blick art stores or on Amazon (

  1. Gold or Silver Leaf (or both)

You will need 2 packs (

  1. Glitter (optional)

I typically use iridescent glitter plus gold or silver glitter. These can be purchased at Michaels stores (

If you are using iridescent glitter, I use a glitter paint to go with them (

  1. Dropper -
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol (at least 91%)

This can be purchased at local pharmacy like CVS

  1. Paper plates
  2. Art Resin (optional)

This is the glossy finish I pour on my finished art.


If you do really love your piece, and want to coat it in ultra shiny art resin, it is available at Dick Blick art stores or on amazon. You will have to purchase quantity depending on the size of your canvas.

*** If you are using resin, you will need a measuring cup and a stir stick (I use the free stir sticks from the paint section at Lowes) 

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