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Our Secret Weapon for Peel & Stick wallpaper installation

Our Secret Weapon for Peel & Stick wallpaper installation

After launching our line of peel & stick products, we have had a considerable amount of practice installing our designs on numerous wall types.  Initially we scoured the web for tips & tricks, suggestions, and guidelines for a frustration free installation. This did help, and practice has made installation easier as we embarked on more and more spaces. The trick is to smooth the mural onto the wall as evenly as possible to alleviate the possibility of getting air bubbles trapped in between the wall and mural, but this concept is far easier said than done.  Using a traditional scraper or squeegee can scratch the wallpaper, or stretch the vinyl material (which could cause misalignment and more bubbling.)  

 To avoid both scratching and stretching we settled on using either our bare hands or a microfiber towel to press the peel & stick wallpaper strip to the wall, while simultaneously peeling back the protective paper backing.  We thought we had found the best and most simple solution for a bubble-free result….until we found the best tool on the planet earth for peel & stick wallpaper installation. This discovery was a fluke, an odd coincidence that we stumbled on, and we will never go back. The tool I am referring to is the “Handy Scraper” made by Pampered Chef.  Weird? Yes. Effective? Also yes.  

Best tool for installing peel & stick wallpaper

What makes the “Handy Scraper” so perfect?  The combination of its slightly curved shape, a soft-ish rubber edge and small size mean that it can be easily maneuvered with one hand with the exact amount of pressure necessary to stick your wallpaper to the wall with minimal bubbles and very low levels of underyourbreathcursing.  

Long story short, if you buy a peel & stick mural, please get yourself one of these bad boys.  We have also learned that ceramic blades are the best knife for trimming excess mural length, excess mural width in corners, and around outlets.  We use this one (available on amazon).

Click here for a link to the “Handy Scraper” 

Click here for a link to the “Westcott Safety Knife (16475)"




Frances Katz

Vivian Ferne Top Picks: Bar Cart Design

In love with charming, elegant bar carts? We are too! Here are Vivian Ferne’s top picks on how to style a bar cart for your home or next cocktail togethering.

1. Palm Beach Gold Glam Patio Bar Cart Trolley

gold bar cart on patio

photo credit: South Moon Photography

The best way to have a cocktail is on a stunning patio in Florida. The fresh fruit in a clear glass bowl paired with the gold drink stirrers is the perfect touch for a late morning brunch. 

2. Outside the Kitchen Decor Spirit Cart


Home bar cart decor styling

photo credit: Monica Wants It

Effortlessly create a stylish statement in a home by utilizing a typical bar cart. The chinoiserie pottery is an elegant touch to upgrade any bar cart. The gold candle holders and pineapple allow the cocktail cart to be serving interior decor.

3. Trendy Office Refreshment Cart

Office Bar Cart

photo credit: Carla Choy

Celebrating business milestones no matter how big or small is essential for all industries. The traditional brass gold bar cart is styled perfectly with the gold and marble accents. The white marble coasters, decanter, and mirror tray complete this office.

4. Fresh and Pink Beverage Cart

pink rose beverage cart

photo credit: Jenna Colgrove

The fresh flowers exquisitely paired with the rosé bottles of champagne. The brass gold utilities and ice bucket let the classy bar cart be fully functional and ready to mix drinks for your unexpected guests.


5. Wine Cart 

wine cart styling guide

photo credit:

Bar cart does not have a bottle holder? No problem, simply put a wine rack on the bottom. The white marble tray is always good on hand for serving or decor. Recreate this look using real house plants and a gold planter.


6. Ghost Bar Cart for the win!

Party Ghost Cart

photo credit:  Lauren Kolyn

This bar cart is designed for victory parties. When not in use, tucking the serving cart in a small nook is perfect for all home or apartment living. Use the beverage cart to full potential by taking the cart to another room or block off part of your home for parties. By the looks of it, this girl knows how to party with her mule mugs, wine glasses, and old fashion glassware.

7. Rosé All The Way 

girls bachelorette champagne station

photo credit: Blondie in the city

Rosé is always a crowd-pleaser. The spacious silver bar cart is stylized perfectly for hosting a bachelorette party or girls night end; simple and beverages straight up. The marble wine cooler with decorative champagne glasses is practical and fun.


8. Morden Black and Gold Champagne Statio

Holiday party beverage station

photo credit: Honeybee by Andee Layne
If champaign does not catch your eye then the height with the black candles, gold candlesticks holders, and blush flowers let your bar cart stand out. Having a signature drink allows bar carts to be easy to decorate with bowls of blackberry and rosemary with serving tongs


9. Vivian Ferne Cocktail Lounge

tropical cocktail lounge Vivian Ferne

Here is our tropical cocktail lounge crated with favorite accessories. Nothing beats an oyster bowl filled with coconuts and limes. The white coral and fresh pineapple take the bar cart into an enticing coastal vibe.
Frances Katz

Vivian Ferne Picks for Best Upscale Halloween Tablescapes

This Halloween let your table reign supreme with some excellent inspiration for a ghoulish spread.  Using natural elements like flowers, foliage and branches always ad an elegant touch that shouldn't only be reserved for wedding table settings.  Here are some of our favorite pictures to guide you through your wildest Halloween decor ambitions. 

1.  Jewel Tone Floral Arrangements with Dark Victorian Accents

Jewel Tone Halloween Tablescape with Black Glasses
photo credit: Designed by Winston & Main
This look can easily be achieved by a few standout props.  The black candelabras, black wine glasses, and brass elements bring the rich jewel toned flowers to a dark, sultry victorian scene. 

2. Midnight at the Cemetery 

Midnight in the Cemetery Table Decor
Midnight at the Cemetery Detail Photo
photo credit: Designed by  Coco + Kelley


What sets this whimsical table spread apart from many far tacky-er Halloween decor motifs is the combination of old world foliage in combination with antique candle holders and objects that (could be from) a cabinet of curiosities

3. White And Gold Ghostly Halloween Table Arrangement

White and Gold Halloween Decorations

photo credit:  Coco + Kelley

Guys. This. One. Is. So. Good.  White and gold is my favorite decor color combo and even on Halloween Coco + Kelley made it work.  The gold skeleton hand holding a place card? Genius. White candles, bones, white spiders, skull themed salt and pepper shakers are all low budget decor that makes a huge impact.  

4. A Rustic Haunting Table Design 

Rustic Farmhouse Table Decor

photo credit: Chic Vintage Brides
Photography – Tyler Branch // Venue – Oak Canyon Ranch

If you like "rustic" or "modern farmhouse design" this is your jam. Super dark flowers and black and gold tableware enhance the rustic simplicity of a rural table and chairs.  Adding a few faux black florals to a fresh flower arrangement is a great trick that pros use for weddings.  You can get a dark edgy look without losing the overall authenticity of the design. 

5. Misty Fall Harvest Table Design 

Fall harvest table spread, fall foliage table decor, fall flower arrangement

Deep eggplant and earthy teals steal the show for this elegant fall table spread.  Using a fresh flower arrangement, black candles and fruit really remind you that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 

6. Decrepit Vintage Halloween Table Setting

Foggy Halloween Table Setting, Halloween decor, Sleepy Hollow Themed Party  

photo credit: Photo by Ashley Rae Photography with florals by The Wildflower AZ

When vintage goes too far in a good way. I love this delightfully morbid table setting with touches of deep burgundy flowers and napkins.  Black candles, crystal glasses, and a (real?) or nearly real skull are sure to evoke all the creepy feelings expected at an All Hallows Eve Soiree. 

7. Alexander McQueen Inspired Halloween Decor

Alexander McQueen Table Scene

photo credit: Domicile 37

Butterflies and skulls are motifs that Alexander McQueen popularized on the runway, and also happen to be perfect for a mysteriously spooky Halloween table scene.  Skulls, butterflies, a decorative birdcage and multiple terrariums bring this theme to life!

 8.  Eye Hope You Don't Hate Me for Sharing this Pic

Creepy Eyeball table decorations

photo credit: Designed by Inspired By Charm

This is the most disturbing image in this post, by a long shot.  Minimal design with large decorative eyeballs of varying sizes really leaves an unsettling feeling overall.  The gauzy table cloth and shiny brass coupe champagne glasses contribute to the shabby chic theme, 

9. Farmhouse Horror Tablescape

halloween table decor, halloween floral design, halloween floral arrangement
Halloween wedding table design, Halloween table decoration, Halloween party decor
This tablescape was created by yours truly using a combination of flowers and seasonal fruit.  Blush plates, blush tumblers, and blush champagne flutes add a girly flair to a skull themed barn wood dining room table.  Antler candelabras with black candles add height as well as a necessary gothic farm flair. 
Frances Katz

Designer Trade Program

Frances Katz

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Blueberry Glitter Bio 








Using the unique experience I gained from working with my clients to produce an abstract artwork in the exact colors, style, and dimensions they wanted has inspired me to take the collaborative process even further into the interior design industry.  

My home collection is lovingly named after my daughter Vivian Ferne and has been painstakingly curated using my favorite color combinations and techniques to provoke an unmistakably huge visual impact from the smallest pillow, to the largest mural. 

Don't be shy! I have worked with hundreds of clients and will provide a completely custom experience to make you happy with the space you wish to enhance, as will the team here at Vivan Ferne.  If you need additional information or would like to see our murals in a different size or color let us know!  


Instagram: BlueberryGlitter
Etsy: BlueberryGlitter


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Removable Wall Mural Installation Guide

Removable Wall Mural Installation Guide

Frances Katz
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