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Spice Up Your Bedroom - Best Wallpaper Looks for Bedroom Makeover

Spice Up Your Bedroom - Best Wallpaper Looks for Bedroom Makeover

It’s that time of year again - insert every cliché fall sentence - and we all are going to be spending more time indoors. Leaves are changing, the cool fall air has arrived and that bedroom wall you’ve been wondering what to do with since last April finally needs a makeover. Whether you’re looking to make a change to the interior design look you have or itching to get your feet wet with a bold decor choice, Vivian Ferne is sure to have a design for you!

One of our favorite bedroom wallpaper designs that we staged earlier this year is Tradewinds. This soft, serene combination of fuchsias, grays, pinks and petal tones is a dream. This delicate blend is unique in its ability to capture the attention while also remaining subtle and contemplative. 

Bedroom Luxury Wallpaper Design / Interior Design with Abstract Wall mural

The place that you sleep is important for many reasons. Introducing soft, warm and calming colors/textures can help your mind wind down at the end of the day and ultimately help you sleep better.

For many, it also feels special to have your space of retreat unique to your tastes, ideas and design decisions. A place where you feel safe and inspired to start or end a new day. 

Vivian Ferne wallpaper designs can check many of those boxes. While we have a large catalog of bold, powerful abstract designs, we also have an array of designs that satisfy a softer palette. 


 Along with Tradewinds, Buttercream Hearts and Birthday Cake designs offer adorable and fun options for all ages. These designs make you feel at home and bring a truly unique piece of abstract art to your walls. If you are unsure about covering your entire room or wall we would be happy to help with a custom size for an accent wall. 

Luxury Wallpaper Design For Bedroom Makeover / Stage Wallpaper Peel and Stick or Prepasted / Bedroom



Wherever your design choices take you, consider Vivian Ferne for your wallpaper design needs. We have worked with hundreds of clients and customers who fell in love with our designs for their bedrooms and beyond.




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