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Vivian Ferne: Always Hand Crafted

Vivian Ferne: Always Hand Crafted

The front lines of abstract art, interior design and decor are painstaking each-in-their-own way. Combine all three and it can seem insurmountable; especially when a company stays true to its core value of being designed by hand, always.

Vivian Ferne Hand Crafted Wallpaper Mural Design / Original Abstract Art with Pinks, Flowers, Blacks, Silvers, Fuchsias.

The roots of our wallpaper design company hold firm to the belief that every design that reaches our store and eventually leaves our doors should be hand crafted. Our founder and artist Frances Maass has always taken pride in her work of crafting abstract designs. Her continuous studying of color, texture and application styles has allowed her to create nearly 100 wallpaper designs. Giving customers bold, beautiful designs that can become centerpieces of their homes, salons, apartments and offices. 

Many, online design shops will offer replicated designs or ideas. The telltale signs of “churn and burn” wallpaper / abstract designs are typically lower quality of printing/installation and overall design. They can appear flat, dull and improperly transferred between mediums. Make sure that you pay close attention to the details before you purchase.

All of our secret sauce comes down to hard work and continuously trying to achieve the best possible abstract design, composition and digital imaging. We work with numerous industry leaders to make sure that our products achieve the highest quality during the creative process and as the designs are scaled to become wallpapers. There is trial and error (over and over) but at the end of the day, we know we went the extra mile to ensure our abstract design loving customers receive the best products on the market. And we hope you feel great knowing that every mural represents a hand crafted piece of art that took weeks or months to perfect.


Just as soon as the design process is completed, the staging of our designs begins. The team at Vivian Ferne works tirelessly to craft photo shoots for as many designs as possible. Keeping this process in house allows the team at Vivian Ferne to control how our products are captured and represented before they go online. The staging process makes for a long day, but our team always leaves a staging shoot saying “this is our new favorite design”. At the end of the day, we hope that the excitement comes across in every video, product photo and wallpaper design. 

We always have our work cut out for us, but it is worth every effort!

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