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Lifestyle - Thanksgiving 2022

Lifestyle - Thanksgiving 2022

That time of year is upon us once again. The weather has fully shifted, friends and family will begin to gather and the magical decorations of the season will be on display. The fall season brings many elements of our lives together. Some which we enjoy and some that test our patience. No matter the amount of potential eventfulness you may encounter, this time of year puts center stage the wonderful ways which family and friends can decorate, cook and host for a party.

At Vivian Ferne, our team is a family. Outside of the office we spend a lot of time cracking jokes (no one is safe), cooking / eating and sharing stories alongside a few libations. Our collective love for food, decoration and celebrating has inspired us to share this side of life and how it drives us to continue to create our wallpaper hangings.

This Thanksgiving marks the first of many "Lifestyle" articles that we are excited to share. One of our newest wallpaper designs "Emily" set the scene for our Thanksgiving staging/shoot and our team got to work with culinary ideas, cocktails and decorations. Check out what we came up with, below! 

Thanksgiving Recipes

1. Two Day Chicken

A unbelievably delicious culinary center piece of the Holiday season.


Vivian Ferne Wallpaper Design For Thanksgiving dinner / interior design

5-7 lb Whole Chicken

4 Garlic Cloves- Minced

Bay Leaves- Crushed

5 Sage Leaves- Chopped

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar

TBS Garlic Powder

TBS Smoked Paprika

3 TBS Onion Powder

1/4 Cup Kosher Salt

TBS Black Pepper

(12 Ounce) Can Beer- Room Temperature


  • Two days prior to cooking, combine Garlic cloves, bay leaves, sage leaves, brown sugar, garlic powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, kosher salt and pepper in a bowl and rub it all over the chicken, inside and out- reserving 3 tablespoons of the dry brine for later.
  • Cover the chicken and put it breast side down in the refrigerator, flipping it breast side up the next day. 
  • 3 hours before serving, remove the chicken from the refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature. 
  • Preheat the oven to 400º
  • In an oven-safe dish, pour out half the beer and reserved brine mixture. 
  • Lower the chicken onto the half-filled beer can and place in the prepared oven-safe dish. 
  • Roast at 400º for about an hour and twenty minutes, or until thigh temperature reaches 165º. If the Chicken starts to brown too quickly, tent with foil and remove ten minutes prior to removing from the oven. 
  • Remove can from enlarged anus

Alongside the two day chicken were our air fryer Brussel sprouts with crispy bacon and hot honey as well as a classic stuffing that drove the hole spread to the finish line.

Vivian Ferne Interior Wallpaper Design For Thanksgiving Dinner - Brussel Sprout Recipe


Fall / Winter Cocktail - Pear and Bourbon (P&B)

This cocktail is as easy as it is delicious. The pear cider makes a traditionally polarizing spirit, Bourbon, much more approachable and creates an easy sipping, deliciously fall cocktail that can stay along for the ride all the way through the Holiday season.


  • Lowball Glass
  • Your favorite Bourbon (we loved Buffalo Trace for this cocktail)
  • Pear Cider
  • Large Ice cube
  • Brown sugar (for the rim of the glass)
  • Orange Bitters


  1. On a side plate pour 1/2 cup of brown sugar and level it out for a rolling surface for the rim of your lowball glass.
  2. On a separate side plate, pour out a small amount of the pear cider (less than 3oz.
  3. Take your glass and gently turn it upside down and dip it into the cider you have poured on the plate.
  4. At an angle, roll the rim of the glass on the leveled out brown sugar.
  5. Place glass down normally and drop in your large ice cube.
  6. Pour 2oz of Bourbon into the glass.
  7. Fill the remainder of the glass with Pear Cider and add 2 splashes of orange bitters. 
  8. Stir gently and Enjoy! 


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