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About Vivian Ferne

Just getting started - The story behind the beautiful, maximalist, abstract designs of Vivian FerneTM and its founder, Frances Maass.

Creativity and production happens inside the Columbus, Ohio industrial nook office space, wedged between the Short North and Italian Village. Frances Maass and the team at Vivian FerneTM continue to make a splash in the interior design world. In just three short years this abstract wallpaper design shop has grown considerably. The development of Vivian FerneTM has been fast, but the style of founder, owner and principal artist, Frances Maass has been years in the making.

Fran has a passion to embrace creative projects by first developing an understanding and then moving to the mastery of new abstract styles and mediums. After returning to Columbus from her artistic studies at Arizona State University, she began honing in on a style uniquely her own with the highly customized abstract paintings created under her BlueBerry GlitterTM brand. Several years and hundreds of designs later, Fran arrived at a creative turning point in her career; to take the vast comprehension of abstract design and color outside the boundaries of the canvas and onto the scale of wallpaper and murals. This leap was not without hurdles, and again, Fran was ready for the challenge of starting a new business.

Vivian FerneTM, a woman owned business - lovingly named after Fran’s daughter in the summer of 2019 - would come to life with a wave of lush, bold, unmistakable color combinations. Luxury Wallpaper Design With Hearts / Interior Design Wall DecorThe imaginative yet refined designs and shapes would begin to circulate ecommerce platforms one after another. Fran, having completed a catalog of over 85 designs at a feverish pace, strategically displays her brand to tens of thousands of followers with new staging styles, customer installations and fresh design drops almost weekly.

While the brand and its wallpapers continue to grow and evolve, the details are still personal. Each design is hand crafted and painstakingly completed to ensure the highest caliber artwork leaves the doors. Once completed the designs are hand cut and packaged and then sent on their journey with a handwritten “thank you” for every customer. With the marketplace heavily saturated with churn and burn design styles and trends the team at Vivian Ferne ensures that each customer feels a personal connection to the designs and the people that get them out the door. 

The designs are big, ambitious and magnificent. Gripping the viewer with an oasis of tonality, texture and style. Whether approaching residential or commercial spaces, the wallpaper murals transcend the conventional approach to interior design. From living rooms to nurseries, salons to restaurants these designs provide awe inspiring and captivating installations for the clientele. Luxury Wallpaper Installation. Hand Crafted Home DecorThe doors to

Vivian FerneTM’s new creative studio will officially open with an Open House in November, 2022. The Vivian FerneTM team manages the general operations, plans new shoots and concepts while two state-of-the-art printers churn through hundreds of feet of wallpaper daily.

Just like the designs, there is never a dull moment behind the scenes of Vivian FerneTM. Excitement and discussion around new design concepts, brand ventures and custom wallpaper layouts never ceases. In the midst of it all the Vivian FerneTM team finds a lot of room for laughter. This small team is a family continuously striving to push the boundaries of what women owned businesses can achieve in the world of wallpaper. Fran and the team invite you to join us at one of many Open House events in the works for the coming months.  Please visit our website and follow us on Instagram for updates!

Website: www.vivianferne.com
Instagram: @Vivianferne 
All Inquiries: sales@vivianferne.com

Original Artwork: www.blueberryglitter.com

Frances Maass: Founder, Artist, President    


Our Vision:

Vivian FerneTM is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of abstract art and its place in the world of wallpaper / interior design. In this pursuit, we proudly aim to continue redefining the heights that female owned businesses can achieve. Our business is small, but our goals couldn't be bigger for bringing this genre defining interior design shop to its full potential!

Customer Installations: 

Home Office Wallpaper Installation Blue Wallpaper Mural Living Room Installation Bathroom Luxury Wallpaper

 Luxury Wallpaper Entryway Decor Pink Wallpaper Baby Nursery

Office Space Wallpaper Mural Luxury Living Room Wallpaper Installation

Bedroom Wallpaper Installation Pink Blue Kitchen Wallpaper Purple Blue Green Texture Gold

Second floor Walkway Luxury Wallpaper  Bedroom Wallpaper Wall Mural Purple Silver Grey Fireplace Wallpaper Mural Luxury Decor Living Room Dining Room Wallpaper Wall Mural


Living room interior design concept with abstract wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. Wallpaper is multicolored and is available in prepasted, peel and stick and french luxe materials. Turn your wall into a work of art with abstract removable wallpaper. Cozy childrens' nursery with pink abstract wallpaper mural. Gold leafing and shades of pink make this peel and stick wallpaper the best way to add texture, style and unique qualities to your nursery decor. Bedroom interior design with carpet, purple duvet and colorful wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne. Wallpaper murals create stunning bursts of color on accent walls or feature walls and are great pieces of decor for a cozy dormroom. Children's nursery with blue chair, crib and rainbow color sun themed wallpaper mural. alt= Nail salon interior design installation with large abstract wallpaper mural featuring blues, pinks, limes and blush tones. Hair salon wall decor with gold, fuchsia navy abstract wallpaper mural from famous interior designer, Vivian Ferne. Champagne brunch room decor with abstract blue, cream, grey, pink wallpaper mural. Beautiful nursery bedroom pink interior design theme with pink, fuchsia, yellow wallpaper mural. Entry way decor inspo with purple pattern wallpaper, white trim and matching chandelier set. Colorful accent walls in kitchens and entry ways will change the feeling of your entire home. Game room pool and room decor with colorful abstract wallpaper mural and blue suede pool table. Home office interior design with blue, cream, gold wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. Chandelier and office chair sit at a desk. Office interior design concept with abstract wallpaper. Wallpaper colors include green, grey and gold. Living room interior design with blue patterned wallpaper mural, white couch and gold coffee table. Bathroom interior design concept with floral pattern wallpaper mural. Beige monochromatic design perfect for beach home decor, natural themed bathrooms and office bathroom decor. Dining room interior design with large abstract wallpaper design. The design includes pinks, fuchsias, navy and gold. Bedroom accent wall interior design with pink, blush, grey and gold wallpaper mural design by Vivian Ferne. This peel and stick wallpaper is a great decor feature for teen bedrooms or dormrooms in 2023. Large pattern wallpaper mural design with blues, pinks creams and blush tones. Kitchen interior design project with large abstract blue and silver wallpaper mural designed by Vivian Ferne. Kitchen includes glass table and marble floors. Bathroom decor concept with black and white fixtures, white tub and colorful marble textured wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. 2023 Interior design concepts for your home with wooden circular kitchen table and colorful abstract peel and stick wallpaper. Luxury bedroom interior design with purple and silver wallpaper mural design by famous abstract wallpaper design shope, Vivian Ferne. Heart themed wallpaper mural in a babe cave interior design project with white couch, pink coffee table and gold end tables. Blue themed interior design with blue suede sectional couch, white pillows and blue & gold abstract wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne. Teen bedroom with colorful abstract wallpaper, aqua headboard and pink pillows. This wallpaper mural is a great way to add color to any accent wall in an interior design project. Home office interior design concept with large green abstract wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne. Gold suede chairs, area rug and desk complete this home office look. Office space interior design concept with green and gold abstract wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. This peel and stick wallpaper mural was made with peel and stick wallpaper by a women owned interior design business Vivian Ferne. Hair Salon feature wall decor with large pink abstract wallpaper design by Vivian Ferne. Peel and stick wallpaper murals will make any salon stand out and provide a unique experience for customers Colorful Living room interior design with abstract wallpaper mural. Unique wall covering was created by famous abstract artist, Fran Maass. Wallpaper murals are the perfect way to create a cozy dormroom vibe and back to school art piece. Staircase design ideas with abstract wallpaper mural. This peel and stick product will add a burst of color to any residential decor project. Luxury Texas home with high ceilings. Fireplace decorated with abstract peel and stick wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne. Relaxing monochromatic living room interior design with white couch, glass table and gray wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne Maximalist living room interior design concept with colorful abstract wallpaper from Vivian Ferne. Airbnb living room interior design concept with sectional couch and luxury abstract wallpaper mural by famous interior design shop, Vivian Ferne. Living room with suede furniture, area rug and large abstract wallpaper mural with marble design. Living room interior design concept with black ceilings luxury furniture and abstract wallpaper murals on the accent walls. Luxury home staging concept. Teen bedroom with makeup table, gold and white desk and an abstract wallpaper mural. Abstract wallpaper mural is full of purples, grays and gold tones. Hair salon interior design with colorful abstract wallpaper mural with blues, limes and gold leaf textures. Abstract wall art for commercial accent walls. Teen bedroom interior design concept with pink accent wall. Wall is decorated with large abstract pink wallpaper mural in peel and stick material. Office space interior design concept with bold, abstract wallpaper mural featuring greens, creams and real gold leaf textures. Designed by famous interior wall decor brand Vivian Ferne. Luxury dining room interior design concept with abstract wallpaper mural design by Vivian Ferne. Concept features soft gray tones, blues, purples and golds on the accent wall. Nursery room with white decor and rainbow wallpaper mural design on the accent wall by the crib. Restaurant interior design concept with green, black and gold abstract wallpaper mural on the back wall. Wallpaper murals create a great feature piece of art in restaurants or other commercial spaces. A teen bedroom interior design concept with blush and gold abstract wallpaper mural. This wallpaper design creates a stunning accent or feature wall in any teen bedroom concept. Luxury home entryway/staircase with blue, gold and white abstract wallpaper mural installed with real gold leaf application. Nail salon interior design installation with large abstract wallpaper mural featuring blues, pinks, limes and blush tones. Fun modern airbnb with chic furniture and bright colored abstract wallpaper mural. Feature wall is covered with pop art. Newly renovated living room with stunning accent wall covered with blue and gold abstract wallpaper by Vivian Ferne. Modern bedroom concept with pattern rug, king bed and luxury abstract wallpaper mural featuring black, blush and gold. Bedroom interior design with with colorful accent wall decorated with green and gold abstract wallpaper mural with a peel and stick application. Home office with colorful wallpaper mural on feature wall, minimal decor, plants and windows. Great interior design concept for home office. Living room interior decor with bright colorful wallpaper, green velvet couch and dark hardwood flooring. Miami luxury condo with modern decor and marble style abstract wallpaper mural from Vivian Ferne. Maximalist dining room decor with black, gold and white abstract wallpaper mural and luxury chandelier. Luxury bathroom with colorful abstract pastel wallpaper mural, glass and tile shower and modern small sink. Modern kitchen with glass kitchen table, island and large abstract wallpaper mural featuring blues, golds, silvers and black tones. Colorful modern entry way into second story with aqua, lime and pink wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. Green and gold themed bedroom decor with large scale abstract wallpaper mural by famous interior design shop Vivian Ferne. A unique entry/living room interior design concept with bright colored and abstract wallpaper by Vivian Ferne. The perfect look for a cozy dorm room or teen bedroom design inspiration. Feature wall with large scale blue, pink and gold abstract wallpaper mural. Modern dining room decor with a burst of color on accent wall using an abstract wallpaper mural filled with blues, pinks and gold tones. Cozy teen bedroom with pink theme and large pink abstract wallpaper mural with gold leafing. Colorful teen bedroom with black and white bedding and brightly colored wallpaper mural on feature wall. Luxury home with marble floor, recessed ceiling and colorful abstract framed artwork behind red velvet chairs. Coastal themed bedroom inspired by Charleston, SC interior design. Large framed wallpaper installation with palm trees, birds and ocean colors. Beautifully cozy living room interior design concept with wrap around couch, hardwood flooring and large floral wallpaper mural. Fun babe cave and champagne room with pink themed decor and a heart themed wallpaper mural. Stunning pink themed kids bedroom with pink day bed and large abstract pink wallpaper mural. Cozy living room interior design concept with grey couch, black blanket and luxury abstract pink wallpaper mural by Vivian Ferne. Med spa lobby with colorful decor and wallpaper mural featuring pinks, blues and golds. Calming white nursery theme with floral wallpaper mural. Cozy living room interior design with green suede couch, wood floors and large wallpaper mural featuring black white and gold textures. Beautiful bathroom concept with double vanity, wood floors and gray french themed Wallpaper Mural by Vivian Ferne. Holiday season interior design ideas for 2023.
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