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Best Ways to Restyle Your Space with Wallpaper - Fall 2022 and Beyond

Best Ways to Restyle Your Space with Wallpaper - Fall 2022 and Beyond

When we approach staging one of our original wallpaper designs we typically begin with how we want the space to feel when everything is completed. From the candles and lighting to our other furniture/decorations decisions, it always begins with a mood and feeling. At Vivian Ferne, the building blocks behind these feelings are our wallpapers.

We may be biased, but it is hard to deny just how much expression and emotion are packed into our abstract wallpaper murals. Oftentimes they create strong feelings at a single glance. With this, it is easy to hit the ground running with ideas based on the wallpaper mural you are drawn to.

When it came to our featured wallpaper for the fall (Halloween) photo shoot, the “Nebula” packed all the mood we could ask for. The stunning gold tones blended tastefully into a diverse range of blues, grays and blacks clearly stood out as the perfect backdrop for all of our spooky ideas. Check out our look below to see just how we executed the look.

Fall/Halloween Wallpaper Design - Gold, Blue, Grey colors - Large scale abstract wallpaper design.


The stark shapes and bold color choices can be subtle or supremely vibrant. Either way they will make a statement. When staging your home, office space or salon, let the mural be the center piece. Create the interior space to your liking around the wallpaper mural but make sure your wallpaper has room to shine.

Our Favorite Wallpaper Designs of 2022:

  1. Bubble
  2. Horizon
  3. Buttercream Hearts
  4. Ethereal
  5. Nebula



Have fun with the look you are curating! Don’t be afraid to explore new color combinations that take you out of your comfort zone and make your space come to life. Our murals are bold, unapologetically maximalist and are here to make you feel something special. Whether in your home, salon, office or somewhere in between, let the wallpaper hangings of Vivian Ferne be the color you’ve always wanted.

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