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One of a Kind Wallpaper Designs: Coronado

 Here We GO!

The  Coronado is a special design for the Vivian Ferne wallpaper design shop. It was one of the inaugural wallpaper concepts for the company and has turned countless homes, salons, boutiques and offices into a color wonderland. The creation of this design firmly cemented Vivian Ferne as one of the most unique wallpaper companies on the market and sparked a creative fire that has led the way to so many beautiful and stunning designs.


Best DIY Installations:

Bedroom, wallpaper design, bold shapes and colors. Bright colorful wall. Home decor. Pink, Blues, Yellows, GoldsBedroom, wallpaper design, bold shapes and colors. Bright colorful wall. Home decor. Pink, Blues, Yellows, GoldsOffice space, wallpaper design, bold shapes and colors. Bright colorful wall in home office. Home decor. Pink, Blues, Yellows, Golds

The bold and complex shapes and color combinations turn any wall into an unmistakable centerpiece. We have found so much joy and inspiration from the way our customers have utilized this wall mural in a variety of spaces. Whether you are planning on decorating a beach house or a bedroom for your child, the Coronado wallpaper surpasses expectations and turns your space into an oasis of color and bold shapes.


When designing your space around the Coronado wallpaper, be sure to think about the overall feeling you want the room to have when it is completed. Our maximalist designs are just that, maximalist. So let them have their time and space to shine. Let the sofas, beds, couches and other decor be a beautiful support cast but be sure that nothing is competing for the attention of the eye. The colors packed into the Coronado wallpaper design are uplifting and energetic - make sure the energy of your space rises to the occasion with adequate lighting and staging.

We cannot wait to see what all of our customers create around this stunning piece of interior wallpaper!

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Vivian Ferne Luxury Multi Color Bright Wallpaper / Interior Design

Vivian Ferne Installation of the signature wallpaper, Coronado:


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