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Top Interior Design Trends 2023

 Best Design Trends for 2023

From removable wallpaper to organic neutral tones, here are 4 Interior Design Trends that will inspire us in 2023. 

Our emergence from the pandemic era lifestyle, design choices and aesthetics will allow us to redefine what it means to "feel at home" and our guests to feel welcomed.

1. Luxury Removable Wallpaper: 

As a wallpaper design company we may be a little biased - but - we are so excited to see how removable wallpapers continue to grow and evolve in 2023. As we continue to develop many of our designs to be released early this spring we are venturing into new concepts with neutral tones, patterns and a mix of versatile textures. Our team has been hard at work with new designs for Vivian Ferne and Vivian Ferne Kids as well as intriguing new designs with our sister brand Wallpaper Orchard.

Interior Design Pink Wallpaper - Bedroom - Best Wallpaper 2023

While we have always had a bold and maximalist approach to our wallpaper designs, our goal is to be even more deliberate with how the layers of our hand crafted designs can deliver meaning, emotion and center piece aesthetics in any room. Controlled maximalist prints and wall coverings especially in powder rooms and living rooms will be a major driver this year. (Behind the Scenes Design Videos Below)


As we begin to reimagine our living spaces (whether for others to see or our private dwellings) moving forward with intention will be paramount in 2023. How will this place bring us peace of mind, allow for others to feel welcome and deliver meaning after nearly two years of maneuvering the unpredictable dynamics of the pandemic. With a renewed focus of personal wellness and the health of the people we surround ourselves with the "home" will become a center piece for that mindset and your wall coverings should reflect that accurately. 

2. Organic Neutral Paint Tones

Our team spends a tremendous amount of time mixing, analyzing and critiquing colors. The inspiration for so much of our work comes from our surroundings. From the coastal towns of Rhode Island to the shores of California, the colors that make these places memorable drive us. All of this leads us to be so excited by the release of new featured paint colors in 2023. Warmth | Wellbeing | Nature will be center stage in 2023 perhaps most notably Benjamin Moore's 2023 Color Palette. This representation of organic, earth centric tones will lead to such a wonderful reimagining of interior design spaces. From the range of blush tones and tints to nautical greens and blues these colors deliver a feeling of connection with our spaces and a color that embraces gathering and enjoying our homes.


3. Unique Kids' Activity Rooms

(Check out our Pinterest for Our Latest Favorite Styles)

Kids experienced a completely different way of life from 2020 - 2022. As far as the spaces they retire to and play in are concerned; it's time for imagination. The spaces our kids dwell in this year need to unlock their creativity and embrace playfulness and comfort. Perhaps even provide a learning experience as they play. As fast as kids interests and moods shift, we always like to recommend parents toward our Removable Kids Wallpapers. These colorful and diverse designs can enhance your child's' activity room or bedroom in so many ways. The biggest perk to this is how easy they are to remove when the time comes to change up their space.

Kids Bedroom - Interior Design Ideas - Colorful Wallpaper and Furniture

Additionally we are so excited to continue seeing the amazing looks parents are achieving with decals, cutouts and modular installations. Whether to add soft lighting features to your kids room or to create a larger wallpaper seen or customization we are looking forward to it all.

4. Hand Crafted / Sustainability

After two years of spending extraordinary amounts of time away from many of the activities and physical experiences that connect us, consumers and viewers of art have a renewed attraction to sustainable hand crafted materials, textures and decor. The desire for consumers to feel like they are part of a solution with their purchasing decisions and understanding the origins of what they decorate with will continue to be important into 2023. Natural materials and textures (wooden surfaces and grains) will continue to permeate through the interior design repertoires. 

2023 Interior Design Trend Summary 

The year to come will reveal trends that make your house a place to gather, feel connected and center around a natural sense of well being. From the paint colors, wallpaper design patterns and murals, dining room table and kitchen counter textures - natural is your friend. Get to know the amazing manufactures, artists and designers in your area or that inspire you. Having a connection to the pieces that fill your home is so important and allows for your home to be a conversational experience with guests.

Behind The Scenes With our Wallpaper Design Process:



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