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Modern Plaid Wallpaper | Kids Bedroom & Nursery

Modern Plaid Wallpaper | Kids Bedroom & Nursery

Explore the diverse history of Plaid and the way it has shaped fashion and interior design for hundreds of years. Our latest hand crafted plaid wallpaper is a must see!

The Backstory of Plaid

Plaid, as it is known today is more accurately called "tartan". The alternating bands, woven to meet and cross at 90 degree angles, have a long and complex history. Representing weavers, families / clans and eventually military and political affiliation in Scotland and UK, this textile design made its way to the New World and eventually the original tartan design became synonymous with plaid. As Scottish peoples made way to North America, the design found its way through early trading posts to lumbering companies all the way into American mainstream pop-culture. Today, the design can be fond at most every facet of design - why not take a try at a watercolor plaid design for a nursery room

(Videos Below!)

Nursery wallpaper interior design with pink plaid - bassinet - love seat - white bows

Modern Take on Plaid

As the plaid design continues to permeate throughout cultures and fashion cycles, we were so excited to put together a colorful wallpaper collection with our own touch to the classic design. Our design team approached the look with watercolor inspirations. The oversized brushstrokes create a more relaxed, less rigid overlapping interpretation of the linear design. This "rough cut" brush stroke style creates a softer more approachable interior design feature. In addition, the soft less opaque character of the watercolor plaid allows for a brighter more airy feeling that allows the eye to not get strained with a design that is too busy.

Wallpaper Tips 

The plaid design immediately inspired our team to create a series of nursery spaces that feel inviting and completely unique. As modern as the interpretation of this design is, one can't help but be struck by the "classic" sentiment that it also instills in the room. As you begin to arrange your decor and interior design decisions the monochromatic approach to this design gives you a lot of room to work. Whether staying on course with the monochrome aesthetic or venturing off into complimentary colors there numerous directions that you can go.

Blue plaid interior wallpaper design - Nursery decor - Kids bedroom - White / Blue Monochromatic Wallpaper


Our team kept it simple and decided to keep our accented pieces inline with the monochromatic theme. We always recommend getting your hands on a sample of our designs to ensure that you're making the best decisions possible with the look of the wallpaper as well as how it fits in with your overall interior design goals.




Custom size spaced that is making you think twice? No problem - we have worked with hundreds of customers and designers that have highly custom spaces. Our team is here to help!


This classic design will continue to receive modern remixes and interpretations through all aspects of design. We are so excited about the twist we were able to bring to the mix - stay tuned to see what other colors and looks we release in the future.


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