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2023 Best New Home Wallpaper | Wallpaper Orchard

2023 Best New Home Wallpaper | Wallpaper Orchard

2023 is off to an amazing start with the launch of our brand new wallpaper line, Wallpaper Orchard. The line is full of fresh takes on traditional prints, modern floral arrangements, landscapes and reflective abstract patterns. These highly unique wallpaper designs will have limitless potential in a variety of interior design spaces. Product photos and installation videos below! 


Standout Wallpaper Designs:

"Modern Lace" Design

Install Video Below!

This wallpaper design is complex, unique and a happy accident. The base of the wallpaper design is inspired by an alcohol ink spill that took place during on of our painting classes at the start of the year. Our founder and principal artist, Fran saw potential in the unique way the ink spilled and permeated into the woodgrains of the table. From here the design was digitized and repeated to form a truly beautiful and unique combination of curves, interwoven lines and shapes.

Staging the Design

When approaching the final staging of this wallpaper design our team used a tasteful selection of candles, lamps and a wood lattice credenza to connect the whole look. 

Two brass wall lamps adorned either side of a white wooden mirror that were positioned just above the credenza. After these key design decisions were made the look came down to a few low profile candles and orchid and decorative coral.

Two brass wall lamps adorned either side of a white wooden mirror that were positioned just above the credenza. After these key design decisions were made the look came down to a few low profile candles and orchid and decorative coral.

Interior Design Fully Staged Room - Beige / Wood decor and Ornate Lace Wallpaper - Modern Chic

The goal was let the weaving nature of the "Modern Lace" design stand out and apply other decor items only as needed. When the final look was completed our team was blown away by how the design looked at scale and how the design captured your attention from every angle.

If you are ready to makeover your office space, bedroom or reading room / listening room with a wallpaper design we highly recommend grabbing a sample of our design, Modern Lace. This versatile look will blow you away!


 "Magnolia" Wallpaper Collection

Pink, Blue & Cream and Blue China Magnolia comprise our "Magnolia" wallpaper collection on Wallpaper Orchard. While each share an origin of inspiration these designs are all portrayed in a slightly different way.

Blue Floral Wallpaper Design, Mirror, Wooden Dresser Chest, Fully Staged Interior Design Product Photo

This provided clients with subtle, beautiful differences in the expressiveness of the look. The modern oversized arrangement of the Magnolias makes you feel as if you are a part of the garden!

Check out our final staging below! 

 Staging the "Magnolia Designs"

When approaching this wallpaper design our team stuck with one word, "classic". The flowing leaves of the Magnolia stems and delicate flowers adorn the uniquely textured background. Small bumblebees wisp through the design as if in real life. This classic wooden buffet, flowers, candles and a center piece mirror were all it took to make this feel complete.

Tips For Staging The Design
  • Always start with a sample of our wallpaper designs - this will be the best way to know the colors match your ideas and you can begin to make your next decor decisions with an accurate representation of the design. 
  • Look the past for tips - with so many past decor trends coming front and center don't be afraid take a look at the tasteful design ideas from previous decades.
  • Less is more - like so many of the designs we offer, the Magnolia collection speaks for itself. As you approach your decor decisions be sure to leave room for the design to breathe and be seen! 

"Soft Serve" Wallpaper Design

(Install video Below!)

This design strikes at the heart of the new looks of the Wallpaper Orchard line. The lush, expansive color palette from original paintings beautifully orchestrated into unique repeating patterns. Creams, blues, pinks and golds come together to provide an undeniably unique interior design center piece. Check out the installation video below for a more detailed view! 

 A Recap of Our New Wallpaper Line: Wallpaper Orchard

Our team is so excited to keep staging around these stunning new wallpaper designs. Here we went into detail on only a few of the many wide ranging styles that Wallpaper Orchard has to offer. From the modern patterns to classic textures, florals and prints, Wallpaper Orchard has a little something for any moment you are looking to capture in your interior design project.  

Keep Reading

Wallpaper Orchard - Wallpaper Styles 

Peel & Stick (Installation Video HERE)

Great for a DIY project, The “peel & stick” application method presents a customer friendly installation option that transforms any room into a glamorous escape.

Peel & Stick Key Features:

  • High quality durable wallpaper
  • Immediately ready to stick on wall
  • No glue required
  • numbered panels for an easy installation
  • Suitable for most non-textured walls and flat surfaces

Pre-pasted: (Installation Video HERE)

Wallpaper Orchard wallpaper murals are also available in a pre-pasted style. Each panel of pre-pasted wallpaper arrives coated with solid adhesive that is activated with water.

Pre-pasted Key Features: 

  • High Performance application style, preferred by professional installers
  • PVC-free,
  • Odor-free
  • Meets Class A standards for commercial interiors
  • Smooth Finish
  • No additional Glue required
  • numbered panels for easy installation

Advantages to this wallpaper mural installation style also include, superior printability,  20 year lifespan when cared for and treated properly. Please note, all wallpapers will have longer lifetimes if kept out of direct sunlight. This pre-pasted option is easy to install and remove when you're ready for a new look.

French Luxe:

Our French Luxe fabric is a canvas-textured material that is preferred for high end residences, hotels, & commercial spaces and is sourced from France.  An extra inch is added to each panel for a perfect non-overlapping seam after a double cut wallpaper installation. 

THIS OPTION REQUIRES WALLPAPER PASTE THAT IS NOT INCLUDED.  We recommend ROMAN Products Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive which can be purchased here

French Luxe wallpaper features:

  • High Performance application style, preferred by high end clientele.
  • PVC-Free
  • Canvas-textured wallpaper
  • Requires wallpaper paste and professional installation.
  • Opacity and thickness of wallpaper make this an ideal option for uneven wall surfaces, potentially cutting down prep time.
  • Class II - meets all commercial and professional interior standards

Installation Must Haves:

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