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Best Art Class 2023 | Learn to Make Abstract Art

Best Art Class 2023 | Learn to Make Abstract Art

Want to Learn to Make Stunning Abstract Art?

Frances Katz (founder and principal artist) at Vivian Ferne and BlueberryGlitter Interiors provides fun, in-depth and insightful instruction in this three hour joyride abstract art class. Start-to-Finish you will have a blast and make something beautiful! (Video Clips Below!)

Original Abstract Painting Used - Learn to Paint in the Style of this Abstract Artist - Colorful Abstract Painting Staged with Flowers and White Dresser

What Is In the Class:

The three hour video art course was recorded to provide a start to finish instruction on how to craft an abstract painting in the style of Vivian Ferne's/BlueberryGlitters' founder, Frances Katz.

Creative Topics in the Art Class Include:

  1. Establishing a background color for your painting - you will learn how to crate a beautiful background color for your painting as well as picking your color palette for the painting.
  2. Using Alcohol Inks - this art class will cover how to use and manipulate alcohol inks to create depth and transparent shapes and textures on your cavas.
  3. Focal Point Colors - Using acrylic paint, you will learn how and where to apply your acrylic colors so that your painting contains a focal point. This section will bring all of the abstract elements together so that your design is cohesive and bold. 
  4. Resin - Although this step will be optional and depends on the space and materials you have for the class the course will cover how to apply resin to cover and seal your abstract painting
  5. Instruction to Assistant Painters - While you will be painting along with Fran, the class includes two of our team members painting alongside Fran to provide additional insights into technique, trial and error and covering many of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) throughout the course. 

Additional Art Class Features:

Additional features of this art class include a real-time question and answer from the original filming of the course. Questions and answers cover more in-depth design questions and pointers as our live audience made their paintings in realtime. Additionally the class includes insights into the artists' inspirations, experiences and knowledge of abstract art.

Examples of What You Will Create:

Best Abstract Art Class 2023 - Abstract Art with Alcohol Ink / Acrylic - Great Group Activity - Learn to PaintThis abstract painting with gold and silver leaf application is an example of the style of painting you will achieve in this art course. Learn to Make Art - Group Art Class - Beautiful Painting - Learn to Make Art - Abstract Art


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