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The Artist

The Artist

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Using the unique experience I gained from working with my clients to produce an abstract artwork in the exact colors, style, and dimensions they wanted has inspired me to take the collaborative process even further into the interior design industry.  

My home collection is lovingly named after my daughter Vivian Ferne and has been painstakingly curated using my favorite color combinations and techniques to provoke an unmistakably huge visual impact from the smallest pillow, to the largest mural. 

Don't be shy! I have worked with hundreds of clients and will provide a completely custom experience to make you happy with the space you wish to enhance, as will the team here at Vivan Ferne.  If you need additional information or would like to see our murals in a different size or color let us know!  


Instagram: BlueberryGlitter
Etsy: BlueberryGlitter


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