Custom "Coronado" Oversized Wall Mural 7’5” tall and 5’3” wide Peel & Stick


7’5” tall and 5’3” wide Peel & Stick


Coronado contains complex color layers and gilded elements that will elevate a boutique or hotel into a masterpiece. Create real gold tones with the complimentary kit to transfer gold leaf onto the abstract, digital printed design. The Coronado mural is an authentic Blueberry Glitter painting converted into an oversized wall mural.

This mural comes with a gold leaf kit to add real gold leaf in areas that you really want to see shine!!

Each mural comes in multiple sections that are approximately 24" wide.

Included with your purchase:

  • Gold or Silver leafing (depending on design)
  • Glue for applying gold or silver leaf
  • Brush to apply glue


Vivian Ferne is a woman owned and operated design shop offering bold, large scale abstract designs with a maximalist abstract approach to wallpaper murals. Each product begins as a handmade modern, abstract art style painting. These designs consist of emotive, stark, unmistakable floral artistic arrangements. Vibrant, contemporary, backdrops / accents inspired by world travels, cultures, cuisines and people give way to unmatched wallpaper mural modernism. Many of the abstract wallpaper designs are derived from natural hues, precious stones, lush botanical palettes, and cascading color combinations. Collections of accentuated brush strokes, dazzling alcohol inks, imaginative yet refined lines, and expressive shapes make each modern wallpaper mural expressly unique. These designs guide clients to create multi-media installations with gold & silver leafing. Allow your wall to become an oasis of color and abstract shape combinations. Symphonies of color, energy, ambience, maximalist abstract modernism echo through each wallpaper hanging.

All wallpaper murals are printed using the highest quality, digitally printed inks and are hand cut and packaged. Every aspect of the wallpapering process from design to packing is completed by hand in the USA (Columbus, Ohio to be exact) 

Wallpaper Styles

Peel & Stick (Installation Video HERE)

The “peel & stick” application method presents a water based, abrasion resistant, high quality durable film.  This option presents a resistance to many oils and chemicals along with some solvents. This wallpaper style is suitable for temporary, flat, non porous walls - sanded wood (non lacquered) - painted drywall - most other flat, non porous / non textured walls.

Prepasted: (Installation Video HERE)

Vivian Ferne wallpaper murals are also available in a pre-pasted style. Each panel of prepasted wallpaper arrives coated with solid adhesive that is activated with water. This wallpaper is high performance, pvc-free, odor-free and most preferable by professional installers. Advantages to this wallpaper mural installation style include, meets Class A standards for commercial interiors, superior printability, smooth finishes that can last up to 20 years when cared for and treated properly. Please note, all wallpapers will have longer lifetimes if kept out of direct sunlight. This prepasted option is easy to install and remove when you're ready for a new look.

Installation Must Haves:

Vivian Ferne products are handmade and made to order.  Standard orders are estimated to ship within 10 business days. Please note that all custom orders take an extended time to design and process.


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